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Atomic defects/nano-engineered materials

 To improve performance, the materials are modified using nano-technologies, material design and synthesis methods. Our group has promoted properties of materials by controlling defects structures such as vacancy, doping and stoichiometry. Advanced nano-strucutre engineering provides drastic enhancement of performance on energy applications.

Advanced process technologies

 Developing and optimizing process for applications is crucial to achieve high-performance and functionality. We have diverse process technologies for fabricating thick/thin films to manufacturing large-scale devices. In particular, thin film deposition technologies play a critical role in overcoming limitations of materials.

Applications: Fuel cells, Batteries, Catalysis and Sensors.

 The developed materials and process technologies have been employed for energy conversion/storage systems and sensors. Our research group focus on 1. development of high-performance, durable and multi-functional energy devices, 2. highly active, stable and sensitive catalysis for reforming, electreochemical reaction and sensing.